UVLyzer: Sleek UVC Chemical-Free Sanitizing Phone Accessory
As the world prepares itself to reopen during this pandemic, it has become crucial to have an easyalways-ready and chemical-free way to sterilize things we touch every day.
Our patent pending technology utilizes powerful ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal led lamps that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria 
UVLyzer is super easy to use. Just peel off the backing, stick it to the back of your phone, phone case, or any clean flat surface and you are good to go. It charges via USB-C – like most smart phones.
SAFETY: UVLyzer's smart sensor technology will automatically turn off whenever it is faces upward to protect your eyes and skin.
UVLyzer can be used on everyday surfaces, such as restaurant utensils, airplane tray tables, keyboards, laptops, shipping/ grocery boxes, movie armrests, desks and tables.
UVC light (germicidal UV light) falls between 200 to 280 nm